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Private events customized specifically for you. Designed specifically with and for you to meet your needs. A hand-selected Mission Six Zero instructor will be assigned to meet with you to design the ultimate high-performance program.

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Move communication forward. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for your employees.” You believe deeply in yourself, your vision, and your business. If only you could get your people to buy into the business and personally invest with your same passion.... enter Mission Six Zero.

Help Me Win
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Oftentimes, our professional sports clients will ask me, “How is this making me a better player?” I answer, “it’s not.” It’s making the guy to your left and right a better player.” That’s the mindset that we instill at Mission Six Zero.

Jason B. A. Van CampMission Six Zero Founder
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We Are Problem Solvers

We offer private VIP –level collaboration and communication experiences for you and your team. You are unique and our program is specially customized to exceed your expectations and drive your desired results.

Service Information

Options and Requirements

01. Team Building

Tanks. Helicopters. Flamethrowers. Crew Served Weapons. Special Forces training and full mission profile experiences. This experience is fully customized and intended for those clients that are searching for something powerful, impactful, and… different. Your team will never forget the experiences and lessons learned and the bonds developed with both the team and the Mission Six Zero instructors.

02. Corporate Retreats

VIP-level luxury experiences in exotic locations or roughing it in austere environments with nothing but your wits to keep you alive. We push you past your comfort zone and into a growth mindset. You choose the location, techniques, and intensity of the event.

03. Executive Coaching

Improve your life. Be the best leader you can be. Subscribe to our executive coaching program and engage one-on-one with both decorated combat Special Operations leaders and behavioral scientists as your calendar allows. Watch your bottom line sky rocket with the Mission Six Zero team driving your individual leadership skills.

04. Intangibles Assessment

How can you measure someone’s heart? For our professional sports clients, you can test and measure the height, weight, bench press, vertical jump, 40 yard dash time… essentially any physical event you can imagine. Although many of these elite athletes register exceptional scores, they don’t succeed. Why? In the corporate world, how do you select and groom the right leaders? Hiring, empowering, and promoting the wrong leader can be catastrophic for your company. Mission Six Zero mitigates those risks by providing the secrets behind our proven Special Forces assessment and selection process. We provide you our assessments, which help you select and train the right people, from day one. 


The requirements for the Custom events depend on your program. At a minimum, you should plan for the following: 


  • Coordination and discussion with Hiring Point of Contact (POC) 
  • Invoice for keynote presentation submitted 
  • Invoice for Deliberate Discomfort *if requested 
  • Invoice for t-shirts *if requested 
  • Communication checks and information exchange via email, cell phone 
  • Finalize participant numbers, timing, venue location, and profile of the audience 
  • Finalize agenda 
  • Send Hiring POC written introduction for the person introducing speaker

  • Round Trip Airfare coordinated by the Hiring POC 
  • Transportation to/from the airport/hotel/venue 


  • Hotel/Lodging coordinated by Hiring POC

General Info

  • Waiver required
  • Who: Male or Female, All participants must be older than 18 years old, No required Physical fitness level 
  • What: Most events range from one-day to four-day but we can discuss other options 
  • When: Preferred three-month lead time at a minimum to plan and coordinate  
  • Where: Preferred Utah or Nevada, but we can come to you 
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