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Casey Van Camp

Spiritual Strength Science Officer

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Casey C. Van Camp believes that properly trained, knowledgeable, and developed individuals can lead their organization to greatness. This greatness can be obtained with an individual’s focus to improve themselves, others, and the organization. From executives to the person walking in the door on their first day, each person can be better if they work to improve themselves.

Casey C. Van Camp is a forward focused training and development expert. He believes that success lies within the individual’s ability to learn, grow, change, and rise to the challenge given them by the evolving missions they face. With the right mix of training, knowledge, and skills, organizations can achieve greatness. This greatness can be obtained with an individual’s focus to improve themselves, others, and the organization.

This is a change to the self-first and “what can the company do for me” mindset; shifting to “how can I be better to help others and the organization achieve?” From Executives to entry level, each person can be at their best once they help the team accomplish the mission.

Casey C. Van Camp graduated from the Penn State University with a Master’s in Staffing, Training, and Development and from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s in Management and Human Resources. He returned to the Washington, D.C. area to work in and around the Federal Government serving in multiple training, development, HR, and management roles. Over the last 15 years Casey has been integral in developing and implementing large- and small-scale development plans across multiple organizations, human capital integration efforts, staffing, and full scale organizational redesigns. His work with organizations such as ODNI, CIA, NRO, ADMA, HUD, USDA/FSA, Deloitte, AvantGarde, and BAE Systems has been recognized and awarded by Agency Directors, Associate Directors, Chiefs, CEOs, CTOs, and divisional Chiefs.

Casey has led task forces comprised of various governmental bodies to identify and streamline process, security concerns, organizational/individual development plans, and create career paths to include training, experiential events, and mentor/sponsor relationships. His achievements include the development and implementation of programs designed to improve leadership skills, and organizational efficiencies. His knowledge of skills continues to grow through course development efforts to include Instructional Design, Captivate, Systems Engineering, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Data Analytics and Data Science, Finance, High Performance Computing, and Project Management.

Casey is currently certified with a Master’s Certificate in Leadership Development from the University of Virginia, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and is currently working on his PhD in Instructional Design and Technology.

Casey currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and children where he likes to read, write, complete DIY projects, and compete in obstacle course races.

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Casey Van Camp

  • Bachelor’s in Management and Human Resources from Utah State University
  • Masters’ in Human Resources, Staffing, Training, and Development from The Pennsylvania State University
  • Northern Virginia
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity
  • Integrity

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